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Shaw of Bradford 21 bells in 19F

Shaw of Bradford diatonic 17 in 19F plus 16B, 12F#, 9B, 8C# to allow a ring of 12 in 18G or 15C. Supplied in solid wood box with 1997 report by John Taylor. Unused for past 10 years except for a brief loan to the Glasgow band who rang a peal described here.


In 1997 the bells were bought from Holy Trinity parish church, Idle, where they had resided for longer than living memory. John Taylor fitted new handles and fittings to all bells and recast 18G, 17A, 11G.


£3500 o.n.o. John Taylor price for same set of bells new was £6841 in 2018.


Initial viewing available online via Skype. The bells are currently in Shropshire or could be taken to Birmingham. Please email Adam Shepherd (id AT or give me a call on 07920 843791 if you would like to see and try the bells.


Biggest 4 in 19F
Back 4 in 15C
Front 4 in 11G
Smallest 4 in 8C
Each bell alone